Bharatanatyam Class

Origin and Vision:

Saraswathy Kala Kendra was established in the year 1975 by Sri. T. Narayana Moorthy and Smt. Meera Naryan and was registered on 10th October 1981.

Smt. Meera Narayan is a disciple of Thiru Vazhuvur Ramaiah Pillai, Thiru Ellappa, Thirumathi Radha Bai and Thirumathi Janaki Bashiyam, the authorities of Bharatanatyam. The institute follows and teaching Vazhuvur style (Bhani) of Bharatanatyam.

SKK aims to create awareness of this divine art of Bharatanatyam and its benefits in this modern sedentary lifestyle era. SKK wishes that this beautiful art should be reached to all the levels of people in the community, hence it collects very minimum fees and gives full concession to the talented unaffordable students.

SKK believes that through this divine art of Bharatanatyam it can embed self confidence, good thought, humanity and bhakti to their students and to the audience.


Enrolment:  A boy or girl with the age of five and above is eligible to join the course.


Class Timings and Days:






Saturday 5.00 PM – 6.00 PM Natya urupadigal
Sunday 9.00 AM – 10.00 AM


Wednesday 5.15 PM – 6.15 PM Natya urupadigal
Thursday 5.15 PM – 6.15 PM


Saturday 3.00 PM – 4.00 PM Adavugal
Sunday 11.00 AM – 12.00 PM


Tuesday 5.15 PM – 6.15 PM Adavugal
Friday 5.15 PM – 6.15 PM


Saturday 4.00 PM – 5.00 PM Natya urupadigal
Sunday 12.00 PM – 1.00 PM


Wednesday 7.15 PM – 8.15 PM Adavugal
Thursday 7.15 PM – 8.15 PM


Tuesday 7.15 PM – 8.15 PM Adavugal
Friday 7.15 PM – 8.15 PM

Advanced classes

Saturday 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM Varnam
Sunday 7.00 AM – 9.00 AM Special items


Teaching Methodology:

Beginning lessons:  Adavus (Steps) are taught in Vazhuvur Bhani (Style) and this style is easy to learn by the students in the beginning level.

The basic adavus are Tattadavu, Naattadavu, Theermaana adavu, Kalavai adavu, Ussi adavu, Kuthichi mettadavu, Ettadavu, Suthra adavu and Tatti mettadavu. These adavus and usages are often demonstrated by senior students.

Theory class: The basic theory lessons are taken on the first Sunday of every month for the junior classes and the third Sunday for senior classes.

The theory class will cover the lessons on Dhyana sloka, abhinayas and its classifications, navarasam, mudras and viniyogam (hand gesture and its usages), paada pedas, head, eye and neck movements, origin of bharatanatyam and other Indian classical dances, etc.


Assessment: Every student will be personally assessed and will be discussed with the parents once in three months.

Study trips: Senior students are enthusiastically participating their field trips that are arranged twice in a year where they are visiting ancient temples and the teacher enlighten their knowledge on sthala puranam, sculptures, mythology, spiritual and tradition. Projects will be given to the students after the field trip in groups.

Salanga pooja:

In two to three years students would have finished adavu and two or three Urupadigal (items) and they are eligible for salanga pooja. It is a ceremony to wear the salanga for the first time. As a tradition Ganapathy Homam is done in the morning and the disciple is getting blessings from her/his parents and guru. After the salaga pooja the student is eligible for stage performance.


In general, after completing one Margam (Set of items, Alarippu, Jathiswaram, Saptham, Varnam, Thillana) the student is eligible for Arangetram, it denotes ‘arangu’ means ‘stage’ and ‘etram’ means ‘rising’. It is the first full fledged stage performance of the student. It comprises of Margam and 5-6 special items. A certificate is issued after the arangetram.

Govt. Technical exams:

A special training is given for the students who appear Lower grade and Higher grade examination conducted by Tamil Nadu Government Technical Examination Board. Students are presented in practical and theory examination under Saraswathy Kala Kendra.

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