Mridangam Class

As a full-fledged school of fine arts, Saraswathy Kala Kendra gives training for the students who wish to learn Mridangam that is the primary rhythmic instrument in the orchestration of Carnatic music. Mridangam plays important role in bharatanatyam as it is depicted in many temple sculptures, Nandi plays mridangam while Swamy Nataja dance along with his counter part Shivakami.

Basic class:  In the basic group student will be taught aadhi taalam, roopakam, kandachappu, misrachappu. In the beginning the student will get trained tala by using both the hands and later using mridangam as a practical. This will take at least one year to master in these talas.

Then the student is entering the intermittent class where he/she learns sorkkal, aadhi taalam nada sorkkal, uruttu sorkkal. This will take another one year to learn these interesting lessons of mridangam.

At the senior level the master teaches koarvai, mogara korvai. These are very important lessons for musical orchestration that will be applicable throughout the ragas and its theermanam.

Class Timings and Days:





Monday 7.00 AM – 8.00 AM

Intermittent & Senior

Thursday 7.00 AM – 8.00 AM


As a practical gesture the students will get trained to play mridangam along with other carnatic vocal and bharatanatyam students to get familiarise with the lessons of talas.

Students are encouraged to participate in the events conducted by SKK both in-house and out side.

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