The Guru

Guru Smt. Kiran Mayee, who like all great teachers, inspired and encouraged us throughout our Bharathanatyam training. She came from a family that dwelled with traditional music and arts for the past four generations. Her great grandfather mridanga vidvan Sri. Devarajulu Naidu and grandmother vocalist Smt. Dhanalakshmi Ammal were contributed so much to this art.

We would like to state that she started learning baratanatyam, carnatic music and veena at her young age from her mother Guru Smt. Meera Narayan.

At the age of 16 she started teaching this divine art. She has conducted many theme-oriented programs. Her students won so many awards in various competitions. So far she made arangetram for forty of her students. She is conducting teacher training programs and also sending students for Govt. technical exam for bharatanatyam.

She is doing choreography on themes like Thevara Sthla Puranam and Divyakshethra Puranam, Veerattam, Kanthapuranam, Lingapuranam, and contemporary issues like cruelty against animals, nature, health, etc. She is helping in teaching academics with dance and expression for disability students (dyslexia).

Smt. Kiran Mayee’s dedication to the divine profession of dance and music is well appreciated.